BaltCap Private Equity Fund

BaltCap Private Equity Fund invests in small and mid-size Baltic companies through buyout and later stage expansion transactions. The enterprise values of the target companies typically range between €5 million and €40 million. The fund focuses on companies with excellent growth potential with the aim of building regional champions through active participation in value creation.

BaltCap Priate Equity Fund does not have a specific sector specialisation. However, we prefer sectors in which the BaltCap team has past experience, such as business-to-business services, manufacturing, healthcare, ICT, energy and specialty retail.

The fund has an international institutional investor base including the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, the European Investment Fund (under the European Union “Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme” mandate and through the Baltic Innovation Fund which is a Fund-of-Fund initiative between EIF and the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania acting through their respective national agencies), Baltic pension funds, fund-of-funds, banks and insurance companies.

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