Private equity and venture capital in the Baltics

Today, the Baltics have one of the most transparent, business-friendly environments in the world with low levels of tax and little bureaucracy. A swift fiscal response to the economic crisis has given the countries a strong foundation for future growth; government debt is low, and unemployment – while relatively high – is falling steadily.

Consensus forecasts suggest GDP performance for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will comfortably outstrip the European average in the coming years. The Baltics also benefit from a strategic location between east and west, and are able to take advantage of close economic ties with the Nordics, CEE and Russia. All three countries have strong and fast-growing export sectors.

BaltCap seeks to invest in a lower mid-market sweetspot where a deep local presence is essential in order to access the investment opportunities.The Baltics is home to a large number of businesses in this range. Deal flow is largely proprietary, and as the pre-eminent name in Baltic private equity and venture capital investing, BaltCap is ideally positioned to partner with the very best local businesses and management teams.

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