Whistleblower channel

The purpose of this Whistleblowing Channel is to report illegal or suspected illegal activities and violations of BaltCap’s Code of Responsible Behaviour and to protect the public interest.

Protecting the integrity and reputation of BaltCap

BaltCap company culture celebrates a can-do attitude, passionate determination, high ethics, and hard work. We’re long-term players and we make promises we can keep – to our investors, our portfolio, our communities, and to ourselves. Therefore, integrity is central to our actions. Protecting the integrity and reputation of BaltCap requires the support of all our employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

Employees have the right and responsibility to report incidents. Also, the external parties, including the employees of our associated companies and business partners are encouraged to report. Examples of incidents include, but are not limited to, fraud, bribery or corruption, market abuse, fraudulent, illegal or negligent professional activities or behaviour, violations of environmental and human rights laws. Providing information solely for the purpose of defending personal interests is not considered an incident.

Whistleblowers can anonymously report either by completing a form or by calling on a special-purpose line. All reports are anonymous, still, to take appropriate follow-up action, the report should be as detailed as possible and include supporting evidence where available.

BaltCap will handle all reports with the utmost care, confidentiality and protection of personal data. All whistleblowers will be protected from discriminatory or retaliatory personnel actions. To learn more about the processing of your personal data, please read the Whistleblowing Channel Privacy Notice.