Entrepre-neurial problem solvers

We invest time, money and effort to build local companies into internationally recognized businesses. We seek opportunities where we can make an impact.

Why BaltCap

We are patriots. We’re loyal to the Baltic Sea region, home to our founders, partners and our employees. We put our money where our mouth is: we aim to take local companies to the global stage and seek sustainable opportunities that benefit both society and our investors.

BaltCap has built a reputation over two decades as a dedicated and trustworthy partner to management teams and institutional investors. We work closely with our portfolio companies and provide hands-on support, unlocking value and driving sustainable growth.

We have a proven track record of growth and return. We have invested in over 100 companies across a wide range of industry sectors and raised aggregate capital of over €650 million. We have helped our portfolio companies to grow locally and reach international markets across Europe and beyond.

Our international team has a shared strategic vision, a consistent track record and experience investing across a range of industry sectors. An entrepreneurial mindset coupled with deep knowledge of the local market and the highest standards in governance allow us to achieve best-of-class results for our investors, businesses, and communities.

We keep an open and transparent dialogue with both existing and potential investors to build ideas into leading products and services. Our investors comprise blue-chip local and international institutions including pension funds and finance institutions.

As the region’s largest investor, BaltCap continues to contribute to the ongoing development of the Baltic economies and serve as a thought leader of the private equity industry.