Martin Kõdar

Managing partner

Martin Kõdar Baltcap Managing Partner

Martin (born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1976) joined BaltCap in the beginning of 2000. Martin is a member of the investment committee and his responsibilities include operational management of BaltCap group, investor relations, supervision of the administration of advised funds and serving as a supervisory council member of investee companies. Martin was involved in dental healthcare provider Unimed Clinics and occupational healthcare provider Qvalitas prior to their exits.

Currently, Martin is also a member of the Mid-Market Council and Professional Standards Committee in Invest Europe and he served as a board member of Responsible Business Forum in Estonia (promoting corporate social responsibility among businesses and raising public awareness) for many years.

He has graduated from Tallinn Technical University and has an EVCA (Invest Europe) Certificate in Institutional Private Equity Investing (CIPEI) from Oxford Saïd Business School.