BaltCap backed the first Novatore Impact Summit

BaltCap partnered with Novatore Impact Summit to bring together 400 Baltic and Nordic business leaders to discuss women’s role in empowering economic growth. The summit, which took place in Riga on September 22–23, brought together 50 world-class speakers from 18 countries.

The forum was focused on (re)building trust, resilience and sustainable economic growth in turbulent times from the viewpoint of female leaders. The two-day summit included inspiring speeches plus informative presentations and discussions on building businesses and driving growth from the perspective of female leaders.

Gender equality is one of the focus topics on the BaltCap ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda (in addition to smart economic growth and climate action) because, in the Baltics, the gender pay gap is a social issue. Being the largest private equity fund manager in the Baltics gives us a unique position to impact the growth and strategic development of numerous strong companies in our region and beyond. This also allows us to make a difference in the context of gender equality. We seek different means to promote gender equality, women’s participation in leadership positions and transparent remuneration practices. It is of utmost importance to us. Novatore Summit offers a unique platform to share the message outside our portfolio companies.