BaltCap Infrastructure Fund portfolio saved 119,757 tons of CO2 emissions in 2021

BaltCap Infrastructure Fund (BInF) portfolio accomplished 2% growth in reducing CO2 emissions compared to 2020.

Reducing carbon emissions and eliminating dependence on fossil fuels is part of BInF’s commitment to the climate change mitigation agenda. BInF portfolio contributed to the CO2 emission savings by replacing fossil fuel use for heating and hot water and reducing GHG emissions through the following investments:

  • a biomass-fired combined heat and power plant in the Riga region;
  • three biogas plants in Latvia;
  • a heat-only boiler producing heat to the Vilnius district;
  • deep energy modernisation of public buildings in Poland.

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*119,757 tons of CO2 emissions is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by ca 1,951,200 tree seedlings grown for ten years and CO2 emitted by an average car when driving 500 million kilometres.