BaltCap portfolio company Ygle engages in ad-hoc COVID-19 hospital planning for Vilnius

Ygle in partnership with Do Architects and 2L Architects carried out temporary COVID-19 hospital and quarantine premises planning. The ad-hoc plan was prepared to Vilnius municipality in case major COVID-19 outbreak pushed the Lithuanian hospitals out of capacity.

The project was coordinated by BaltCap to contribute to mitigating the negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis. BaltCap exploited its extensive network of partners and helped to connect relevant public and private sector counterparts for the ad-hoc hospital planning in Vilnius.

Ygle, Do Architects and 2L Architects designed a detailed installation guide to prepare schools and other public facilities (e.g. sports and showroom venues) in Vilnius for conversion into emergency hospitals for COVID-19 patients. Ygle also secured a supply chain for beds, oxygen and mobile sanitation units; for detailed plans see

Sarunas Stepukonis, partner at BaltCap Infrastructure Fund commented that drawing the plan identified three challenges in a worst-case scenario: lack of sanitation units and medical beds on a short notice, providing oxygen to beds, and modular partition of the space. “The advance supply chain planning enables to build a 2000-bed temporary hospital in less than two weeks,” he said.

Ygle Pastatu Valdymas is a Lithuanian SME providing technical building maintenance and administration services for engineering systems. Their work during the project based on pro bono. Ygle is a portfolio company of BaltCap Lithuania SME Fund.