BaltCap was awarded as the most responsible local small business in Estonia

BaltCap was the only investment firm to participate in the Estonian CSR index 2011. The company gained 83.1 points of the possible 100 and took 6th place in general standings, yet winning in the category of local small businesses.


BaltCap has followed the policies and practices of Responsible Investment since its first funds and believes that environmental, social and corporate governance issues play an increasingly important role in today’s business environment. BaltCap highly appreciates the concept of corporate social responsibility and hopes to be a role model for many other firms.


Responsible Business Forum of Estonia in cooperation with Estonian Business School and Business Newspaper Äripäev launched the 4th Corporate Responsibility Index in Estonia this year. The Index aims to assist companies to define, evaluate and monitor their economic, social and environmental impact. It enables companies to receive feedback and compare their results with their peers, thus identifying the future needs for development.


The questionnaires the contestants had to fill out were evaluated by specific industry experts and the best 30 companies were awarded with the Quality Label.


The official Responsible Business Quality Label is awarded to the organizations whose result in the Responsible Business Index of Estonia proved their high performance in terms of strategic approach to corporate responsibility and well-planned and delivered responsible activities towards local community, environment, workplace and marketplace.


All companies that participated in the CSR Index Estonia 2011 deserve to be highlighted for undergoing a thorough analyzes process. The results show that corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important.


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