FCR Media Holding purchases Lokaldelen i Sverige AB

FCR Media Holding purchases Lokaldelen i Sverige AB in Sweden from European Directories, extending FCR Media’s largest local search footprint in Europe.


FCR Media Holding announced today that it has purchased Lokaldelen i Sverige AB from European Directories for an undisclosed amount.


Lokaldelen i Sverige AB is one of the leading local directory providers in Sweden.  It publishes 245 books and has a search portal – lokaldelen.se – and mobile search solutions.  In addition, it has a strong presence in the B2B market.


As well as offering an extensive range of proprietary products and services, Lokaldelen also offers website development, Search Engine Marketing products such as Google AdWords™ and search Engine Optimisation.


This acquisition extends FCR Media’s portfolio into Scandinavia for the first time.  FCR Media operates the leading Local Search and Operator Services companies in Ireland, Czech Republic & Slovakia and the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).  FCR Media now has one of the largest footprints for local search in Europe.


“This was an opportunity we felt was a good strategic fit with our other operations and allows us to enter the Scandinavian market for the first time,” said Jon Martinsen, CEO of FCR Media Holding. “Using our knowledge and successful business model we will be able to continue Lokaldelen’s development as a strong Digital Media Agency.”


Stuart Ross, for European Directories SA expressed his satisfaction with the sale of Lokaldelen. “This sale is good for ED and FCR Media as we can focus on and develop our key markets in Finland, The Netherlands, Austria and Poland and FCR Media can bring its focus to Lokaldelen.”


“We believe that Lokaldelen is on the right track with its strategy of using its strong relationships with SMEs to develop into a leading Digital Media Agency,” said Martinsen. “We think the current management team has made positive steps to achieve this and we want to support them as they vigorously execute the strategy.”


Lokaldelen i Sverige AB enable users to make smart local buying decisions regardless of situation, media, time and place. Lokaldelen i Sverige AB has been an efficient marketing provider for Swedish SME’s since 1943. Lokaldelen also has a strong external advertisement services business, Annonsbokningen, including different media such as leading lifestyle websites and magazines.


Lokaldelen i Sverige AB is a part of FCR Media, is headquartered in Halmstad, has approximately 50 000 customers and employs 350 people.


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