Meet Maris Mäes, the new Procurement Director of CaPS Baltics

Maris Mäes joined CaPS Baltics, the joint venture of BaltCap and CaPMan, a leading Nordic private asset management and investment company, this summer. In the interview below, Maris introduces herself and sheds light on her plans when further developing the procurement service platform for the BaltCap portfolio.

Welcome, Maris! Please tell us a few words about your background.

Before joining the CaPS team in June, I worked in London for one of the leading management and technology consultancies serving the transport and energy sector. I was in charge of the business development strategy and digital marketing campaign for their brand new, on-demand consulting platform. I have 15 years of experience in the industry and the consulting sector, leading operations and strategy consulting teams, working with global technology and manufacturing companies across Europe, China and the USA.

What is the main value offering of CaPS Baltics? 

CaPS Baltics is a joint venture between BaltCap and CaPMan, a leading Nordic private asset management and investment company.

At its core, CaPS provides centralised procurement service for its portfolio companies in the Baltics, Finland and Sweden.  CaPS enables the portfolio companies to more efficiently manage their non-strategic products and services, delivering savings, increased service levels and extended payment terms. CaPS is an added resource for the procurement team, negotiating with or on behalf of the portfolio companies, constantly identifying new savings opportunities and supporting contract implementation.

Established in 2009, CaPS has a strong track record delivering benefits to its member companies in the Nordics. CaPS Baltics launched in August 2020 to serve 60+ portfolio companies in the Baltics with a combined turnover of 900M€.

In addition to B2B savings, we are also building up an employer benefits scheme – discounts and benefits for all employees under the CaPS umbrella. The first vendor to extend their offer is Radisson Blu, while we continue negotiations in telecom, IT and fuel categories.

What are your plans for the next six months?

CaPS Baltics has a very busy autumn ahead. We are rapidly expanding the range of contracts and employee benefits available for the portfolio companies. Next round of CaPS tenders covers categories such as fuel, electricity, courier services, cleaning and healthcare.

I am looking forward to meeting all the portfolio companies that I have not yet had the chance to consult with, to learn more about their purchasing needs and challenges. CaPS Baltics services must be tailored to their specific needs.  Many thanks to all the BaltCap investment directors for their support and advice on behalf of the portfolio companies so far.

I’m very much looking forward to close and fruitful cooperation.

Warm welcome and best of luck from the BaltCap team!