Outbound Deal from the Baltics 2016 award goes to FCR Media Group

The most groundbreaking transactions in the Baltic region during the last 12 months were announced at the Baltic M&A and Private Equity Forum 2016 gala event in Riga. The winners are Trilini Energy, Providence Equity Partners and BaltCap portfolio company FCR Media Group.

Outbound Deal from the Baltics 2016 award was given to FCR Media Group’s acquisition of Truvo of Belgium (Estonia).

FCR Media Group is Estonia-based provider of local search and operator services that acquired Truvo, a Belgium-based company engaged in publishing telephone directories in print, online and mobile formats, for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition, following a bankruptcy petition filed by Truvo, will save 310 jobs as Truvo will be integrated with FCR Media Belgium.  This was one of the few deals by Estonian buyers with targets outside the Baltics.

In every case, the jury evaluated the strategic importance of the deal for the Baltic market, the deal value and turnover of the target, the complexity and/or innovative nature of the deal, the financing and payment structure, as well as involvement of Baltic stakeholders. The deals under observation were completed within the past 12 months (October 2015 – October 2016).


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